How To Awaken Your Passion For Life


How To Awaken Your Passion For Life
Learn how to express anger in healthy ways and feel more empowered and alive.

Anger is such a difficult emotion for so many of us to express. Women, especially, are taught that anger is ugly and we are bitchy if we complain or vent about feeling upset. Afraid of our anger and what it might appear like, we tend to hold it in and repress it.

Simmering inside of us, it either turns into depression and we take it out on ourselves through addiction or eating poorly, etc, or it erupts like a volcano and comes out sideways and squirrely, not how we intended. Then we have to apologize to those we have taken it out on, and feel poorly about ourselves in the aftermath of our explosion.


What if allowing our anger and releasing it in healthy ways actually propelled us forward on our spiritual journey, providing us with a connection to our personal power and awakening our passion? What if expressing it created room for more of our love and light to shine through? What if expressing it was actually an important part of our spiritual practice of connecting to God/Spirit/Source and Oneness?

During a recent healing ritual with four women friends, I experienced the release of anger through screaming, stomping my feet and shaking my fits. I felt like a child having a temper tantrum because it didn’t get its own way. I was shocked by the magnitude of my anger as I had no idea it was there. The only “story” I was able to connect it to was my inability to create a baby. I was angry at God/Life and myself for not being able to make it happen.

In allowing my anger and surrendering control, an amazing thing happened…I felt so much lighter and happier. My creative life force energy came more alive. As the Kundalini Shakti energy was activated, I could embody more of my light, my Soul. Further, expressing my anger, I felt stronger and more powerful.

Many of us, when we experience loss, also experience anger. Our hopes and dreams have been crushed, life didn’t turn out the way we had planned or expected. Anger is an important part of the grieving process, not to be ignored. As we release our anger, not only do we make more room for our light, but we are able to forgive those we feel wronged by, whether it is another person, God or ourselves.

Here are some tools to help you express anger in healthy and constructive ways:

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