Masochists, Bottoms & Submissives


situations are sure to arise that you didn't anticipate, and boundaries
will show up about which you were unaware. Most players use a system of
safe words – often green for go, yellow for caution, and red for full
and immediate stop – that allows the receiver to communicate his/her
comfort level in a completely clear manner. Let's face it – in this
scene, screaming No and Stop loses its meaning! The willingness to
forgive mistakes, and to look deeply into your own physical, mental and
emotional workings is imperative. I find this aspect of these
lifestyles to be the most interesting and rewarding.

That said, to learn more, go to Google, baby. These days your can search and find just about anything anywhere. I will
say that, given the variety of kink, fetish, and alternate proclivity
in The Lifestyle, the people I've met there are some of the most
accepting people ever. Your thing may not work for me (the term Squick
specifically means some activity or preference that creeps you out big
time, EX: "needles squick me"), but given MY methods, who am I to judge
yours? It's all about self-discovery and expression, people. So go,
find out what suits you, and have at it!


For my purposes, The Lifestyle includes all alternative sexuality
lifestyles – polyamory, swinging, all BDSM arenas (Sadism/Masochism,
Bondage&Discipline, Dominance/submission), and others of which I
may not be aware.

M. Makael Newby, 2009 - All Rights Reserved -

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