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Soul Mates

I believe that we can have many soul mates in our life, each relationship becoming a part of our soul’s evolution. Soul mates bring us to different levels of ourselves until we reach the beloved experience within, the ultimate partnership. Soul mates can be stepping-stones to the Read More

Are You Dancing On The Beach Of Life?

Dance on the Beach of Life! Sometimes in our lives we reach rock bottom. We experience what we call hell. For each of us it's dressed up differently, but for all of us it is dark, tough and devastating. This hell can be our awakening. Some people call it a break-down; I believe it is a ...

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The Lie of Self-Doubt

Throughout my life many people and experiences would take me to the same emotional battle over and over again. I would attract the same issues within relationships and realized there was a pattern.  My self-doubt and feelings of not being good enough would create significant mood changes or ...

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Love Keys

Soul Mates

I believe that we can have many soul mates in our life, each relationship helps our soul evolve.

Family Beach

Are You Dancing On The Beach Of Life?

I become authentic and attractive and I attracted peace,purpose,passion and the love of my life!

Unhappy Woman

The Lie of Self-Doubt

Relationships can take us to self-doubt and negative feeling such as "I'm not good enough".

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