Weinergate: 5 Ways To Avoid Being A "Weiner" In Your Relationship


anthony weiner weinergate
Weinergate gives men five lessons to learn from when it comes to sexting, dating and infidelity.

5) In the End, You Look Like a Dork – Whatever fantasy you’re chasing is going to end up creating a nightmare for one or more of the parties involved (and their loved ones and trusted friendships). In ten days, Rep. Weiner descended from being a respected member of Congress to a perverted liar who has a self-inflated view of himself. Who can look at him again and not think of his shirtless torso, the crotch shot or him sitting in front of the two cats? Who knows what he was thinking, but when it comes to illicit online relationships, it never works out. Act like your web history and private online correspondences will be viewed by your wife, your mom and your grandma.

Guys: watch what you do online, be cautious with who you connect with, and be careful of what you share. In all your online relationships, don’t be a Weiner!

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