I Was Married To A Bipolar Sociopath


I Was Married To A Bipolar Sociopath
Breaking Free From a Family History of Domestic Abuse

Since that time, I can look back and say that I was able to stop the cycle of violence in my family.  I have never experienced any verbal or physical abuse in my second marriage, and my daughter is a healthy and happy college student on the Dean’s List.  I continue to counsel battered women, write articles and speak out against domestic violence.  Anyone that knows me now would never imagine that I would tolerate any disrespect, much less verbal abuse, cruelty and violence.  I grew up in an upper middle class family, well-respected and well-educated.  However, domestic violence knows no boundaries.  Everyone is susceptible, regardless of nationality, race, sex, age, and religion, level of education or income bracket.  Many of us would do anything for love, but I learned that no relationship is worth sacrificing your dignity and self-esteem.  No relationship is worth dying for.

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