New Beginnings: 5 Lessons from Rosh Hashanah


New Beginnings: 5 Lessons from Rosh Hashanah
New beginnings are often needed in our lives and relationships - learn how from Rosh Hashanah

Beyond this, open yourself to what will help you as you move in that direction.

  • New beginnings can require you to be very focused to become ready. It is on Rosh Hashanah that books of account are opened to write the fate of the righteous (the book of life), the wicked (who are blotted out) and an intermediate class. This intermediate class have a ten day respite until Yom Kipur to be become righteous. Similarly, when you try to have a new beginning, you may not be ready to start right away. You may need to take some time to reflect and focus so that you are able to be where you need to be to claim the good things you want to claim.
  • New beginnings are part of greater periods of time. Rosh Hashanah follows the month of Elud, a whole month of self-examination and repentance. For those for whom this was not enough, the shofar sounds to awaken them from their slumbers. It also leads up to Yom Kipur and to celebrations that will happen afterwards. When you are trying to have a new beginning, realize that it is also part of a larger picture, even if the change appears to be sudden. There were probably things that took place within which you realized things were not as they should be. In these you may even have realized some things you were doing wrong. Learn from those lessons. Use the process of what will follow remembering that it is a process that you will be going through.
  • You are looking for a new beginning in your life. Remember why you need or want this to happen. Take the lessons learned from Rosh Hashanah and use them in your life. By focusing on this it is possible for you to find wholeness and peace, even as you go through a new beginning.

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