My Dad Had a Heart Attack on Father's Day


My Dad Had a Heart Attack on Father's Day
For many people Father's Day is a joyful time. Read how one Father's Day changed my life forever.

Father’s Day 2007 turned out to be much different than I had planned and nothing like I could ever have expected. The plan was that my father was coming out to visit me in New York. I had carefully planned some good activities that I knew he would enjoy. How then did it end up with a news article in his hometown paper that started, “Keith L. Smith,60, of [address], died at 7 a.m. Thursday (June 28, 2007)in Presbyterian Hospital, New York, N.Y., after becoming ill while visiting his son.” to describe the outcome of what took place eighteen days after Father’s Day?

I had a good relationship with my father. Like any father and son, there were times that we struggled as I grew up, but in adulthood, we had a good relationship. My father had the knack of knowing what to say or ask so that I could come to my own solutions to problems I would bring up. Even though we were separated by hundreds of miles, he was still involved in my life and had come to understand that there were different standards to use to judge success in life.


By 2007, I had been in New York for six years and it was clear that I was not leaving there any time soon. My father volunteered to drive out the last of the stuff that I had in storage in Indiana and to have a little visit over his mid-semester break. Just as he learned from his father and I learned from him, he always enjoyed a good drive. We were both looking forward to his trip. He was supposed to get in on Saturday and I had planned for him to come to church and hear me preach, and then we would go to the Blue Note to hear the jazz music he so enjoyed. After Father’s Day, he would be around for a couple days before heading home. Keep reading...

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