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The Couple That Prays Together ...


How shared spirituality can help strengthen your relationship.

 4. Pray for each other. Commit to regularly praying for each other as well as praying for your relationship.

 5. Join a community. Participate in a community of faith together, including the regular prayers there.

 6. Do it daily. Incorporate prayers or religious rituals from their religion into everyday life.

7. Pray together. Include regular, daily time for prayer together. For some couples, praying in the morning together can work while praying at night before going to bed might work better for others. Some couples may also choose to find and add in ways to pray with each other even when they aren't together. Should Couples Pray Together While Dating? One Author Says 'No'

Regardless of what you do choose to focus on, prayer can help you share spirituality within your relationship and help you find wholeness and peace as a couple.


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