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50 Ways To Strengthen Your Relationship

50 Ways To Strengthen Your Relationship [EXPERT]

Do you love your partner enough to try them out?

37. Wake your loved one up with kisses and cuddles. This will keep the affection alive in your relationship.

38. Go to a sporting event together. If your partner likes baseball, purchase tickets to see his favorite team play.

39. Listen. Listen to what your loved one has to say. Sometimes it is so easy to drift off while he is speaking, but make an effort to listen.

40. Positive reinforcement. Instead of criticizing your partner, find what he doing right and praise him.

41. Play a board game. Play monopoly or any other board game together. This will keep the sense of fun in your relationship.

42. Go for a walk together. To the ocean, forest or park. Enjoy holding hands and being outside. Appreciate the beauty of nature around you.

43. Wear a matching outfit. Why do we save matching only for weddings? People will definitely notice and compliment you on "being a great fit for each other."

44. Kiss and hug your significant other for no reason. Showing affection toward one another is a great way to say "I love you."

45. Play a game of strip poker. Spice up your card game by showing that you still find your partner sexy.

46. Pack a surprise love note in your loved one's lunch. This will show that you still care and want to put something extra in his lunch.

47. Organize a romantic night. Candles, a romantic dinner and a massage. Even if the night will end up with you falling asleep, he will appreciate the effort.

48. Brag to others about something your partner has achieved. This will show him that you support his goals and are happy when he reaches them.

49. Next time you have an argument, choose to be kind rather than right. Try to stop the argument, instead of keeping it going just to prove your point. Facebook Doesn't Ruin Relationships. People Do.

 50. Focus on the positive. Concentrate on the positive aspects of your relationship, rather than dwelling on the negative.


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