Warning! Red Flags To Watch For On The First Date


Warning! Red Flags To Watch For On The First Date

Have you ever been on a first date and wished you had a crystal ball to see into the future? Would there be a second date? A third? Would he like your dog? Would your parents like him? Could a relationship form? Does he have the potential to be “the one”? “Love is blind” is a quote I believe in whole-heartedly, but in a little different way than most. I find most people blindly look for love hoping to “bump” into the right person. They look for the connection and attraction. That’s all fine and good, but it’s not the stuff healthy relationships are made of. It is great if you have chemistry and both of you like Kevin Smith movies, but if you aren’t aware of the all the other important stuff – core values, communication, deal breakers – you are probably going to wake up one day and realize you wasted your time.

I am not the dating fairy who can sprinkle magic dust and show you five, ten, or 25 years down the line. But, by keeping your eyes open, you’d be surprised how much you can really learn about a person without spending the next six months wading around in a questionable relationship. In fact, with a little know-how, you can learn a lot on the first date! First Date Nightmares: Are You One Of Them?


Here are red flags you can watch for in the first date to realize if someone has real dating potential.

1. Denny Downer Syndrome – He is a great guy but has been dealt a “bad hand.” He works so hard at his job, yet no one notices or appreciates him. Life is always so tough. I am getting depressed just writing this. We all know at least a few of these people – the constant victims in their own life. The people that never get a break. Listen, we all have bad days and bad situations. But, the guy who is truly suffering from the “downer syndrome” is probably making choices that are keeping him unhappy. Not only will his negativity rub off on you, it is exhausting spending all of YOUR time listening to his problems and telling him it will get better soon. My guess is if he can’t figure out how to solve these problems, he isn’t going to offer much to a healthy relationship (much less to you, when you have an occasional bad day). The 'Think Positive!' Experiment

2. The Overachievers – He loves his job. When he isn’t putting in 80 hours a week, he is working just as hard on a side business or project. He purchases houses to flip in between training three hours a day for a marathon next month. It takes him two weeks just to schedule a date. Many women who are excited about his motivation and full, exciting life miss this red flag. There is a point that you will need to wave your arms and say, “Excuse me, but where would I fit in?” It is great that he has so many wonderful things in his lives; but with a schedule like that he has unconsciously decided not to make relationships one of them. Healthy relationships are for real people who have balance in their life. It is very important that your date has a life, friends, goals and passions. But, if this person doesn’t have time for dating, he isn’t going to have time for you and a real relationship. Life Coach: Can A Woman Be Both Powerful And Feminine?

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