3 Ways To Add Happiness To Your Dating Life


C'mon Get Happy:  Three Ways to Add Happy To Your Dating Life

Let’s instead take a look at you.  Are you the person you want to date? If you met you would you be excited?  Delighted? Are you over your job?  Unhappy with your weight?  Think your friends might be holding you back?  Figure it out, pick a goal and start working on you.  What small step can you do today? Feeling shy?  Take an improv class.  Want to be more interesting?  Go on a trip.   Want to get healthier?  Hire a trainer or a nutritionist.  There are a plethora of coaches and consultants out there just to help you.  Even if you can’t afford them one on one, may have classes and workshops to keep it affordable.  Why not get a whole team on your side.  You don’t have to do anything alone. Warning! Red Flags To Watch For On The First Date

3.  Tell a Happier Story


My friend and fellow life coach Rob Mack says it best.  “If you don’t have anything nice to say about somebody, don’t say it at all.  Now make sure that includes yourself.”  We can’t be happy unless we have happy emotions with a happy story.  You know your story.  The one of how you got to where you are.  When you tell yours is it fun, adventurous and full of life lessons.  Or is it have lots of upset, drama and bad circumstances?  People are not born with the “glass half full” mentality, they have to work at it. The 'Think Positive!' Experiment

When you are meeting new people or out on a first date, reach for your positive thoughts first.  Instead of looking for how they don’t fit your perfect match list, go in with a child like curiosity to find out what makes them unique.  Focus on the exciting possibility of meeting a new person and that they are devoting an entire evening to get to know you.  How can you retell your story?

So, channel your inner Partridge Family and get happy.  By adding these three simple ways to get happy into your life, you will be amazed who starts showing up.   

If you need some life support, check out my next Extreme Dating Makeover: Home Edition.

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