Your Impact Is Huge


Your Impact Is Huge
We are all connected - what role do you play? Are you aware of the immense power you hold?

Personal transformation is not selfish. It is not egotistical or self-centered to want to be the best person you can be. It is when people feel "less than" that they feel the need to prove their point, strike out, cause strife, hurt people. Those feelings are, obviously, evidence of the amount of pain someone is in.


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But it's not always that overt.

Each one of us has a place that wants to be healed, a pain that stops us from moving forward in our lives. Healing that place happens when you make the decision and then create the steps to move forward - from a place of exploration and knowing that you will take decisive action - into what's next. It's about the kind of person you want to be in this life, the kind of effect you want to have on humanity. It's about really stepping into your authenticity and power so that you can bring your light more brightly into the world.


The more you shine your light in the world, the more others are drawn to that goodness, that beauty, that power. The more they want to have that for themselves.

You raise the energy of the planet when you are being all that you can be.


Now, more than ever, the planet needs you to step up. It needs you to transform so that you can live the life you are here to lead. No excuses. Fears are inevitable, but that is where courage comes in. You do it anyway - not just for yourself, but for the Tribe of One that we are a part of on this planet.

Because we are all connected - everything you do, affects everyone else on some level.


If you are not being all you can be, you are not encouraging those around you to be all they can be. We all lead - either by default or by choice. Leading by choice happens because you are making choices and active decisions in your life!

I recently made the choice - (and it was, on one level, a very tough decision for me) to really invest in myself. I invested to the point that it was really uncomfortable. But you know what? The universe brought abundance to me almost immediately. And then more. And more. The more I have stepped it up, the more the Universe brought it forward.

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You know why? Because I told the Universe that I was ready.

And, the more I grow, the more I can help others grow. The ripple effect.

When you step it up for yourself and transform whatever you want to transform in your life (not need, but WANT to transform) the Universe is there, waiting for you to step into your brilliance!

One of my mentors recently said to me: "Here's what you should be afraid of: that you get to the end of your life and didn't do what you were meant to do here. THAT should scare the shit out of you."


And it did. And I am not going to let that happen to me, and it is my desire that it not happen to any of you... or anyone at all.

You are each here for a divine, unique purpose. It's time to make the choices you need to make, the transformations you need to create, so that you don't get to the end of your life and look back and say, "If only... "


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