The Yin-Yang Of Change


The Yin-Yang Of Change
Finding that essential balance in life

The concept of yin and yang is used a lot in contemporary language, but the beauty and breadth of this concept is not always fully understood. Yin and yang can serve to guide and give us a framework for virtually anything life serves up. It's especially useful when approaching the inescapability of life's transitions, to create transformation in our lives.



According to this ancient concept, everything in life cycles through a growing and dying phase, where mutual opposites melt into each other through the cycle of life: moving into being, rising to its highest potential, moving down toward dissolution, then into the complete opposite. A perfect example is day into night, full night, night into day, full day. The symbol of yin yang illustrates this principle by showing the circles of the opposite dark/light in each of the other (i.e., there is a little dark in light and vice versa). In other words, it's an evolution from light to dark and dark to light.

And that correlates with the universal principle that we are always in transition of one sort or another, no matter how subtle.

This is the rhythm of life, of the universe. We are wise to both move and harmonize with it, allowing change to occur, while simultaneously making active choices along the way.

Change gives us the opportunity to examine our lives - to look at how we are flowing with it. If we do not do this, then life happens to us, and we feel out of control. When change occurs, be it gradual or sudden, our job (even when it's earth-shatteringly difficult) is to allow the process - a process we participate in, that permits the change to reap its highest benefits for us, grace us with a life lesson worthy of learning.

Key is the idea that change is inevitable, and we must adapt ourselves to it, yet be active in how this change affects us. As always, how we deal with it is a matter of choice.

Change offers us an opportunity to redesign some aspect(s) of our lives by making different choices and seeing opportunities. Ironically, accepting the unavoidable nature of change allows us to both create and participate in change and still go with the flow - the yin and yang that is assuredly part of everything.

Given that, by nature, we hate change (because it feels scary and threatening), how are we supposed to do this? I have some tips:

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