Stop The Guilt Trap!


Stop The Guilt Trap!
What is the Guilt Trap, and how do you avoid it?

The guilt you feel over not achieving your goal builds each time, and getting started on something feels harder and harder. Do some mindset work, as well.

  • Stop putting things off! Whether you feel guilty for not calling mom, extending that deadline at work, or not saying how you really feel, your guilt will undermine your confidence to move forward and stop you from success in any arena. Procrastination is one of the biggest harbingers of massive guilt. Start acting, even in small steps. Usually plunging right in is the best solution.
  • Apologize and move on. We all say or do things we "shouldn't." People tend to do the best they can in any given moment, with the tools that they have. Forgive yourself and then allow others to forgive you. Then, actively let it go!

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