Shining Your Light


Shining Your Light
Step into your unique, bright, brilliant self. Don't ever dim your light for the benefit of another!

I conduct classes with the title, Shining Your Light, because I believe so strongly in this message:  You are a light being and have a light that is unique to you. When you stay buried under all the details of life, your light dims, and eventually, is not even distinguishable in the existence you’ve carved out.  Truth is, at times it feels more like “existence” than living. It is understandable that, because your life is teeming with duties and tasks, you don’t realize that you have forgotten to tend to the oil lamp and really live the life you want.

However, this lamp is what both lights your way and guides others. Truthfully, living a life you love requires less effort. Guiding others comes more when you live in the beautiful vibration that is you. It is the energy that attracts what and who you want directly to you. Living in that vibration is vital to embracing what you want and doing so means you are in the flow.


When you step into the flow, you begin to develop the skills it takes to lead your life, instead of react to life. You work on those skills and deliberately proceed as an active participant in your journey. You influence people by the way your energy shows up to others.

You have an energy field around you that acts like a magnet: you pull in those who are attracted to your vibration because they tend to vibrate in a similar way. You also repel those who are not attracted to your vibration, because it is not like theirs. The same happens with opportunities in your life – you attract or repel opportunities because of your energy field, which is part of what I am referring to when I talk about your light.

Part of the issue is that we all have default tendencies. The best way to describe them is in relation to computer science. A default is “a preset setting or value.” When you behave by default it is because it’s where you are programmed to respond, without thinking about it.

Some default tendencies are helpful, like driving a car, remembering to brush your teeth or even saying, “be careful” when your kids go out at night. They’re “reflexive.” Others are not.

Default tendencies are also related to what I talked about earlier – inherited values. The good news is that this default can be consciously reprogrammed.

Your default tendencies are created by messages that were dumped into your subconscious mind in a way that now has become fairly insidious. Small comments like “what’s wrong with you” or “why can’t you be more like your sister” or “sit down and stop asking questions” sent the message that you are not good enough.  They also tell you that your value is linked to your behavior.

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