New Year, New You: 5 Steps To Creating Lasting Change


New Year, New You: 5 Steps To Creating Lasting Change
Why you should ditch the resolutions...and how to make those changes anyway!

This might be a great place to tap into your spiritual aspect, as well. Many of us are motivated by wanting to experience a deep and profound sense of happiness, balance and contentment. Those are love-based emotions that stem from spirit.

We want connection with others in our lives, and want to feel a deeper sense of spiritual satisfaction. When you picture the whys of your life, ask yourself how your sense of spirituality will be affected by the changes. Are you motivated by doing good for others? Of watching the ripple effect of love-based emotions and the effect on those around you?


Step 3: Emotion

Connecting emotion to your vision is hugely important. When you want to create change in your life, getting in touch with the emotion around "the why" will empower your decision more than you can imagine. Emotions are powerful tools - and you are the one in charge of them (believe it or not!).

A while back I talked about how thoughts create emotions and emotions stir us to act. This is where emotions come into play. You are not going to act unless you "feel it."

When you envision your future and the changes you want to make, try to feel what that change would be like. What emotions would you experience if that happened? What stirs you to create such a change? What emotions are connected to your why?

Step 4: Pain or Pleasure?

The problem with resolutions is that you can't get beyond the misery of change. I'll go back to the dieting example. If you associate deprivation and pain with "giving up" the foods you love, you'll never make the change.

Start identifying the pleasure you will experience when you make the changes you wish to make. Picture and experience the pleasure of having more energy, moving joints that don't hurt, waking from a very sound and restful sleep, perhaps realizing that the reflux has gone away. Imagine yourself fitting into those jeans you know you want to get back into. Feel the elation of exercising and the endorphin rush that comes with it.

Pick what speaks to you.

The bottom line is that humans are motivated by two things: the avoidance of pain and the seeking of pleasure. If you identify the change with pain, you won't do it. When you identify it with pleasure, you are more motivated to create and manifest what you desire.


Most of the pain, by the way, is in your imagination. So engage in a mental dialogue with yourself. Replace the imagined pain with that imagined pleasure.

Step 5: Act

Begin the planning stages. Create 3 levels of action steps:

The ultimate goal

An intermediate goal that is do-able but a stretch

A small step that you know you can accomplish soon

Write. It. Down.

Pick a step you want to take, and begin to planfully act on it, using these other steps to fuel you.

So, you can see here that you've engaged your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual parts of yourself in order to create the scenario for change. Embodying change on all 4 of those aspects and doing what I suggest here, will give you an excellent setup for change.

So, ditch the resolutions. Create life-long changes by employing these steps.

Happy New Year! And here's to creating a 2013 that's better than ever!


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