My Juicy Manifesto On Love


My Juicy Manifesto On Love
An exploration and affirmation of the love that's possible in your life - for yourself and others.

So how do you cultivate love? By thinking loving thoughts, feeling the love swell in your heart-space. If you want to move out of fear and into love, begin to allow yourself to replace the fearful thoughts with simple thoughts of things you love: your pet, a family member, an incredibly gorgeous flower. Begin to fill your mind with things you do love. (You will find that you love many, many things indeed!) Feel that. Breathe that. Do it daily and often. You will begin to experience love on a more consistent basis. When you do this consistently, you build the "muscle" of love. Actually, it's kind of like compounded love interest.

When you replace fear with love, life looks a whole lot different, doesn't it?



Wishing you buckets of loving thoughts and experiences of love on a daily basis. Watch your world change... with compounded interest!

Affirmation of the Week

Today I promise to think loving thoughts about myself, my life and my world. I extend love into the universe with every interaction and know I am like a magnet, attracting more to love in my life.

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