My Juicy Manifesto On Love


My Juicy Manifesto On Love
An exploration and affirmation of the love that's possible in your life - for yourself and others.

So, this is sort of my mini, juicy manifesto on love. Dig in.



Did you know that you can actually cultivate more love within yourself? Love is not something that happens to you, it is something that is in you. Remember my constant refrain to always be aware of your thoughts because they create your emotions? Well, your thoughts can generate love within you. Love is something within you; it is the condition of your heart. You can "recondition" your heart by thinking loving thoughts and by having the awareness of love.

This one is simple. It really is. It starts with a simple thought: everything is love.


When you believe (and to believe, just start with wanting and trying to believe) that every interaction is love, you begin to see every interaction as "holy." Your own vibration emanates from you in wordless communication.

What you think about, you feel. When you feel it, those you interact with also feel it, at least on a subconscious level. Since we are all connected, this isn't really surprising, is it?


Love can become the way you approach everything in your life. One of my favorite simple quotes, by Byron Katie, is that you learn to "love what is." That doesn't mean that things won't change, because the one constant in life, of course, is change. But that's the point. Loving what is means you accept responsibility for creating your own reality, for who you are in this moment, and for the beautiful life that you are gifted. When you love what is, you will have more to love because you are living in the vibration of love, in every moment of your life.

Another fun fact about love is that love is a magnet for more love. The more you love, the more you have to love. And the more your life is filled with... love.

Try this: hug someone. Then hug someone and think about how much you love them. Hold them a bit longer. Feel that? THAT is the love that is there for you at any time, and accessible for you whenever you want it. Even when you are not with the person. Even if you don't have that person. Even if you just want to have that person. It starts from within you.

Remember, thoughts create emotion. Often your emotion feels spontaneous, but it is actually preceded by a rapid-fire thought process you probably weren't aware of.

Touch someone absent-mindedly. Touch yourself absent-mindedly. Then touch with the thought of love. Do you notice how your sense of touch is heightened? Your body changes, softens. Your mind relaxes a bit. THAT is the natural state we can move into, if we choose.

I know it is hard when you are scared and lonely, or when things don't seem to be going your way. But open your heart and mind to the thought of love and beauty. Begin to think of yourself as courageous, beautiful, splendid, magnificent, capable and strong. Think loving thoughts about yourself. The creator did not choose one to be happy and one to be sad or lonely. Your perceptions that you are unlovable are what need to change. We are all born equally loved and lovable.


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