I Got My Butt Kicked & Remembered My True Self


I Got My Butt Kicked & Remembered My True Self

In order to find your true I am, you have to go face to face with your values (your values, not the ones you inherited) and see how you are expressing yourself in this lifetime. Are you living in accordance with those values? Is your I am supported by your lifestyle, your career, the people in your life? How do you see yourself, hear yourself? What do you feel?



These are questions we tend to only ask ourselves (if at all) when we are stressed, confused or in the middle of a transition. They are important questions to be fully developed and expressed at all times!

Now I have an important caveat. I don't want to hear anyone say, "It's just the way I am" as an excuse for not changing! The way you are being is not necessarily representative of your true self, your true I am. You show one face to the world based on all of the experiences, emotions and thoughts you've had thus far, and a lot of that is your false self. That is not necessarily your true self.


Your true I AM is unique to you. Your reason for being here is to experience that in all its glory.

Is your head spinning a bit? We'll delve deeper into this in the weeks and months to come, but I wanted to give you a "primer."

So begin by asking yourself some questions to get to know your true "I am":

  • What values are true for me?
  • How are my values different from those of my parents and the people around me? (This helps you to self-identify.)
  • What do I feel like when I know something's off? (Do you get physically uncomfortable? Cranky? Angry? Depressed? Do you start to forget or misplace things? Do you get foggy headed? These can all be indicators that you're not living in your integrity.)
  • What in my life doesn't feel like me? What does?
  • What in my life doesn't reflect the true me? What does?
  • Does my career reflect my true dreams and purpose?
  • Do my relationships enhance who I am?

Obviously, in and of themselves, each of these questions can be monumental in your life. It is through asking and answering the tougher questions that you begin to get in touch with your true self, your true "I am." When you do, you begin to experience life on a whole new plane of love and abundance.

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