I Got My Butt Kicked & Remembered My True Self


I Got My Butt Kicked & Remembered My True Self

So, I've been going along, loving my life, loving my work. Spirit has been whispering in my ear, "Psst. Hey." I listen, hear a little something, do a little tweaking, and continue right on with what I am doing. Some time goes by, and I get a stronger clunk on the head. Spirit says, "YO! I'm talking to you!" Okay, I listen closer and I begin to get new ideas, see things a little differently, take some action, but still I don't quite act decisively.



Then, I get a righteous old ass-kicking from spirit. If you don't listen to that voice inside of you, that will eventually happen. I ended up sick for nearly 3 weeks, and I rarely get sick. I couldn't talk, cancelled speaking gigs, coaching appointments and spent a lot of time thinking and meditating.

And then, I picked up my computer and began to write. Or rather, I began to use my fingers to tap out words that were basically downloading from the universe.

Duh. Spirit wanted me to write my book now, among other things. In 5 days, I wrote the book that has been roaming around in my head seemingly forever - percolating, aging beautifully. What came out was truly effortless. I think I wrote for 8-10 hours a day, 5 days straight. I woke up writing in my sleep.

Then, a funny thing started to happen. Everything I know to be true was somehow more true. I was manifesting left and right. Things were falling into place, seemingly, out of nowhere. It really was confirmation that the way things are moving is the right way. It confirmed (yet again) the Universal Truth that what we ask for we receive. (Sometimes you have to demand it. It takes a while to manifest, and then when it's there, um, you have to notice it!)


When you are faced with those truths in that way, your faith strengthens and you know: it's time to take the leap. So, your net... is faith. The belief that when you are living in accordance with who you truly are - what I like to call your true "I am", the universe must arrange itself so that you can be the full expression of who you are, so that you can live your life's purpose!

But here's the key: you have to pay attention! So, while I was getting little messages here and there, I was not really noticing them fully. My higher self knew that it was time to act, but my subconscious was doing a fine job of distracting me with all kinds of reasons why I shouldn't step into my true "I am." (Because the more I am my true expression of my self, the less my ego can boss me around!)


So, what's the "I am" all about - the I am is really not that complicated, and yet it's crucial to living a life you love. Your I am is simply your real self - your full and true expression of who you are at your core. This is not about the way you dress to express yourself (although that may be a part of it). It's not about anything external, in fact. This is about what's inside the shell of your body - your essential self. Your true nature. Your spirit. Your soul. You can say it in the way that feels right to you.

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