Face Your Fears


Face Your Fears
A totally manageable way to deal with fear (and blow past it)!

A young child walks into a room with other children and assesses within seconds where s/he falls in the "pecking order." You do the same thing when you walk into a room full of adults. It's natural, but not something that helps you overcome fears. It's natural to measure yourself against others, but if you become adept at the instant reality check, you'll F.A.C.E. that instant fear, and realize you measure up just fine. One of the ways you can do the "reality check" is by remembering "Who" you are, and standing strong in your sense of Self. (See "F" above!) Additionally, realize that you are unique and meant to be so. When you think your path should look just like another's, or "better" than another's, you disregard your divine uniqueness and purpose.

I like to use the analogy of cars and roads: If you're driving on a bumpy dirt road, you're not meant to drive a fancy sports car. If your path takes you down the highway, then a dirt bike isn't going to do the job. You all have your own path and pace at which you will move, grow, learn and achieve. Your learning comes in the journey and choosing the vehicle that is perfect for your journey, not anyone else's!


E: Envying those who are more successful, happier or "better off" than you


Envy implies you are not enough, or that there is not enough joy and success to go around. When you come from a place of abundance, you will know that envy comes from a fear that there won't be any for you. When you celebrate someone else's success, you vibrate with the essence of success. When you feel jealous or envious of others who appear to be doing "better" than you, have found their soul mate, or are more "successful" than you, you are making the assumption (see "A" above!) that there is only so much to go around, and if someone else has it, there's less for you! Flip that on its head and think of it this way: would you say that there is only so much love in the universe? How about success? And even, how about money? When someone else is successful or happy, celebrate with them, instead of feeling envious - you will begin to vibrate more in the success mode, and fear will begin to dissolve. You really can begin to look fear in the F.A.C.E. and take steps toward you most brilliant life (and seeing the REAL you!)

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