The Blind Spot


The Blind Spot
You are stopping yourself, you just can't see it! Identify and eliminate those blind spots.

Here’s a possible scenario. I’ve chosen it for obvious reasons. (Grins) Say you want to invest in a coaching program. You begin to worry about the money to pay for the program. Your subconscious kicks up every terrifying thing it can think of to keep you from spending the money on improving or changing your life (because it feels threatened). You will begin to explain to yourself every reason why the desired program is a “waste of money,” “not important,” “frivolous,” you name it. So what’s the end result? You stay the same. You don’t make the changes you want to make. Score: subconscious 1, your transformation: 0.

Here’s the other important point. The money will show up once you’ve made the decision. If you haven’t made the decision to do something different, the universe is not going to hear that you’ve made the decision. Instead, all it hears is the chaotic vibration of, “Gee, I really wish I could, but I can’t. I just don’t have the money.” Subconscious 2: your transformation: 0. You don’t get the money by telling the universe repeatedly that you don’t have the money! When your inside beliefs don’t match the words you’re saying, that’s a chaotic vibration.


When you make the decision, and act on it, that is some very powerful stuff. I can’t tell you how many times when I invested in myself, I quaked in my boots! But I brushed it off because time and time again I saw that when I took action and made the decision, the opportunities showed up. Doors flew open. I was ready because I had learned and prepared for my subconscious’ shenanigans. Every single time I didn’t give myself a “back door option,” I found the money. Or rather, the opportunity. And I didn’t allow myself the option of an “out.”

The word “decide” comes from the Latin decidere “determine,’ from de-“off” + caedere ‘cut” – in other words, it means to cut off. When we make the decision to cut away from what we know (our habitual responses) and step into the unknown, our brain is not programmed to see the next step, and in fact, it hides it. Your job is to be aware of the opportunities that are there. To question what you think of as misfortune. To remember that to decide to do something inherently means, to “do something different” by cutting away what was.

The only way to do that is to “close the back door” and make sure mentally, and literally, you don’t have an option to do something else. That way, you have the urgency to create exactly what it is you want!

So, don’t be scared, my dear friends. We’re all in this together! So I ask you, “What are you going to decide to do differently today to manifest what you want?”

Affirmation of the week:

Today I make the decision to do something differently. I open my eyes to seeing where my blind spots are trying to keep me from playing big. I choose to close the back door and refuse to allow myself any excuses to do or be anything other than my divine purpose.

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