The Arithmetic Of Fear


The Arithmetic Of Fear
Understanding fear and how to conquer it!

And be okay with where you are. That is HUGE. (And a whole other article!) For now, just know that when you are not okay with where you are, you are judging yourself and the universe/source/spirit. That judgment creates a chaotic vibration that you send out to the world. You are where you are in life to learn the lessons you need to learn, so that you can figure out how to just BE. So that you can love your life.

How good would it feel to let go (at least a little bit) of that fear? It can go a piece at a time... and then the energy begins to move. The energy of love, abundance, and joy flows into your life.


What do you choose? Fear or love? Fear or abundance? Fear or joy? These are real questions, and your actions reveal the belief system that lies beneath your actions.

When your desires line up with your belief system, that is when the energy flows, and life becomes more joyful. SO, you have to change your belief system.

I have a mathematical equation for you:

Desire = Belief + Power - Fear

Memorize it!


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