Must Marriage Add Pounds? Self-care and couplehood


Must Marriage Add Pounds?  Self-care and couplehood
To beat the statistics on marriage and weight gain--keep some focus on yourself.

For some, weight clearly fluctuates with relationship status—rising in relationship and falling in singlehood. While many factors obviously contribute, I often notice it among those who tend toward overresponsibility for their “others”. These same people may gravitate toward, or attract those “others” who do less and need more from their mates. It’s hard then, indeed, for to keep focus on such things as exercise time or healthy cooking.

So you could think of maintaining weight after marriage as part of maintaining post-marital health overall. And essential to that is attending to how we care for ourselves day in and day out, even as we remain attentive to our mates. This could prove as important as keeping up with dental care and regular check-ups—other things that maintain our health and attractiveness, and that we wouldn’t want to let go.

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