Women and Sex Addiction


Women and Sex Addiction
How do you know if you are a healthy sexual woman or a love or sex addict? Where is the line?

Due to our cultural standards, women are identified as derogitory terms if they engage in sex with more than one person. Women have a deeper sense of shame surrounding their sexuality than do men. Women are more likely to say they have a relationship issue, or they just have a poor picker for partners.   Rob Weiss says, "What we know today is that approximately 8-12% of those seeking sexual addiction treatment are women." There are no research studies completed to determine the numbers of women who are suffering, with out seeking treatment. Most women sex addicts present with Romance Addiction  (closely related to love and sex addiction) reporting romance-oriented symptoms such as:
1. A history of short, failed relationships where sex is the primary bond
2. A pattern of inappropriate sexual relationships (i.e., with a boss or a married man)
3. Consistently returning to or remaining with partners who are abusive, neglectful, and/or emotionally unavailable
4. Compulsive masturbation to romantic fantasies of past or future partners, romantic books or films, etc.
5. Consistently having sex as a means of feeling loved
6. Encouraging “gift giving” from emotionally disengaged sexual partners (or other means of being paid for sex) but not calling that prostitution
7. Acting out BDSM or other fetish behaviors in secret and/or with anonymous partners while in a primary relationship

So where is the line from healthy sexuality to problematic sexuality? Every one must establish that personally. If you are having consequences from your sexual fantasies or behavior you are headed toward problematic sexual behavior. Marie Claire reports, sexual addiction Consequenses can be severe like losing your family and access to your kids to having intrusive obsessive thoughts or fantasies about an inappropriate person. Best case scenario is if you have the smallest nagging feeling that you may be having sexual consequences, call for help. Most people struggling from any sort of sexual addiction have had a history of trauma, abuse, or neglect in childhood. Anyone can benefit from healing, and improving their primary relationships  You deserve to Journey to an Abundant Life of love, care, and safety. 

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