Surviving Mother's Day When You've Lost Your Mom


Mother's Day
Here are seven tips to help you cope with your loss on this holiday.

5. Allow yourself to grieve. Tears are a natural response to losing someone close to you. Allow yourself to feel sad, lonely or even mad that your mother is not around anymore for you. The tears themselves can be healing, so honor these emotions in yourself.

6. Share stories about your mother with family and friends. Set up a friends and family party to share stories about your mom with the group. Ask others to share their memories of your mother too. You may learn some other aspects about your mom you never knew before and it may enhance your appreciation of her role in your life.


7. Make a tribute to your mom. Access your creativity and make a memorial or tribute to your mom. It could be a poem, a song, a sculpture, a collage, a painting or any other creative thing you can think of. Any idea is a good one. The process of creating can be healing too.

If you have lost your mother, Mother's Day can be a painful day. It reminds you that she is no longer around and brings sadness and longing for her to be with you. Some people feel they would dishonor their moms if they stopped grieving. If this is you, ask yourself if your mom would want you to be sad and grieving forever.

Honor yourself by trying the tips above. You can bring healing by actively processing your grief. No one can take your memories away from you. You will always have them. Most moms want the best for their kids and would want you to live a full and successful life however you define it.

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