007 Sexy Qualities Every Relationship Needs


7 Love Lessons From James Bond In Skyfall
We could all learn a thing or two about love from James Bond.

4. Physical and mental fitness. Daniel Craig obviously had a personal trainer and worked out extensively to maintain his physique for the movie. Bond is capable of protecting himself and others by his physical attributes. He prides himself on his ability to solve complex problems that are challening both physically and mentally. 

If we could harness just a little bit of his determination, our relationships would thrive. So many people hide or shrink away when they sense the slightest bit of fear. Bond, however, faces fear head on.


5. Being all in, with integrity. 007 is not wishy-washy about his decisions. He determines what he is going to do and follows through on his decisions. He hasintegrity that reinforces that he will keep his word. Others depend on his integrity for their safety.

How many times do you procrastinate or put off things you have promised to do? Bond acts and follows up until the job is done.

6. Loyalty. In Skyfall, James Bond stays loyal to MI6 even though he has reasons not to be loyal. The villain of the story had been betrayed and has spent his life in pursuit of vengeance. Bond has equal reason to turn to vengeance, but his integrity has him choose forgiveness and defends the very person who betrayed him.

His loyalty is attractive and makes us want a loyal relationship. We love the idea of grace and loyalty in relationships; it makes us feel safe and secure. Loyalty allows us to make mistakes, learn from them and not risk the security of the relationship.

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