Lady Gaga Encourages Healthy Body Image Among Fans


Lady Gaga Encourages Healthy Body Image Among Fans [EXPERT]
Viral TED video speaker and researcher Brene Brown states, "vulnerability is the cure for shame."

As a counselor, I am witness to many shame stories. Sometimes, I am the first person to hear these stories. From my experience, people tend to keep their shame stories private. Obviously the feeling is beyond uncomfortable and hard to be around. It's no wonder that people hide from shame. 4 Steps To Escape Your Sexual Comfort Zone

I have witnessed ordinary people become resilient to shame as they learned to act with courage and persistence to share and own their story. I have witnessed Brown's research directives in action with real people, and it works.


Today, Lady Gaga has inspired a generation to practice courage. Be loving and caring towards oneself, to embrace one's shame story surrounding body image. By acts of bravery, many have declared victory over insecurity by posting their body image shame. In a boldly authentic and compassionate move Gaga took on the role of social justice and made a courageous move to inspire others.

What story are you hiding from? Is there shame of some kind lurking in the shadows of your body waiting to attack you the next time you perceive feeling slighted in the smallest of ways? The next time you feel the poke of shame or insecurity, name it for what it is, and know that shame is always a lie. Shame says, "I am stupid, ugly, unworthy, unlovable", the list goes on. 15 Ways Your Low Self-Esteem Is DESTROYING Your Relationship

Dare to be vulnerable despite the shame, tell your story to someone safe. I know it sounds counter-intuitive to share your shame story, after all the shame wants you to hide. By sharing with someone you trust, you will find compassion, empathy and freedom to let go of the secrecy and isolation.

In Lady Gaga's words, "Breed compassion to inspire bravery and triumph over insecurity" ... words we all can aspire to.

Teresa Maples MS, LMHC, CSAT is a Mental Health Counselor in Washington State who specializes in working with families struggling with sexual addiction. I would love to connect with you.

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