"The Dark Knight Rises": Helping Us All To Heal


"The Dark Knight Rises": Helping Us All To Heal [EXPERT]
"The Dark Knight Rises" may just have the answers to help us recover from the Colorado massacre.

It takes inner strength to choose healing and compassion for yourself and others. But how do we get that inner strength to go forward? Googling "inner strength" will bring over 21 million entries. So, there are a lot of ideas and help out there to develop inner strength. The problem is, inner strength is a mental process that happens within an individual, which can be used to build up the self. 'I'd Take A Bullet For You' Became Very Real In Aurora

As a person's self-resolve is developed, the strength can be played out in a way that harms others. Effective examples of this are the shooter in Aurora, Colorado, the villain in The Dark Knight Rises and the schemers who planned and carried out 911. The goal for these individuals is to show their power and control over others.


But, true inner strength is a force that is developed to support and build up others by acts of care and compassion. This is evidenced by Batman in The Dark Knight Rises when he saves the citizens in Gotham from a bomb that would have annihilated the entire population. Batman put his own life in danger to save others' lives. The goal of these individuals is to do the right thing, even if it has a personal cost in order for another person's gain.

The Dark Knight Rises is a great example of the mythic hero's journey. The hero's journey is one way to develop your inner strength. You can't attain inner strength by depending on others; you can see others as mentors, but the task or call is yours to figure out. "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink" is the motto for good mentors.

Alfred models this type of mentor for Bruce Wayne. Alfred shows Bruce a different way of thinking about something, and then gets out of the way for Bruce to decide for himself what he will do. The hero's journey has five stages that apply to any personal transformation and development of inner strength. 5 Steps To Personal Transformation

1. Innocence. Bruce Wayne refuses to see anyone except Alfred for over three years.

2. Call. Bruce struggles with his decision to act again as Batman or to remain detached from life in his isolated mansion. Why would Bruce want to isolate? In what ways do you isolate?

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