10 Tips To Create True Emotional Connection With Your Partner


10 Tips To Create True Emotional Connection With Your Partner
Build safety and security into your relationship by focusing on emotions.

6. Do what you say you are going to do. Integrity and character building, If you say you will mow the lawn then mow the lawn. If you don't intend to take out the garbage before work don't indicate you will do it.
7. Love all of your partner, warts and all. Don’t point out their weakness, they already know. Accept your partner in all things all of their weird little quirks. Remember, you have them too, and you want the same respect from your partner.

8. Build up your partner in words and actions. Be positive and help you partner to be the best they can be. In turn, they will help you be the best you.

9. Have your partners back at all times. No throwing them under the bus. Building safety and trust means protecting your partner and making sure you are always standing together through every life circumstance with strength.

10. Protect your coupleship from other people.  By protecting your coupleship from other people whether it is an inlaw or the threat of a flirty coworker, it is up to the two of you to make sure your coupleship is strong and secure with each other. Make sure you address threats to the coupleship and make accommodations that strengthen your relationship above your individual needs. By serving the coupleship first your individual needs will be fulfilled in a more stable and satisfying way.

If you find yourself being irritated and annoyed by your partner you can focus on your behavior and identify your feelings and name them. Use the statement, “I feel_________(feeling word) when you__________(behavior).” Be vulnerable when you share your feelings. If you come across as angry, critical, or blaming you may have less than optimal results. The key is to be vulnerable and share your feelings with love not venum.

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