The Love Hormone: The Truth About Oxytocin


Oxytocin: love hormone
Fact: Oxytocin isn't the only hormone that affects monogamy.
Learn about the love hormone and how it is affected by other factors in your relationship.

Now, let's factor in vasopressin! This hormone plays a key role in protecting a current relationship and in protecting babies. It has a large part to play in monogamy. Research suggests that vasopressin lights up the reward centers of the brain for monogamous types, while it lights up a different area of the brain for others. The reward centers of the brain release dopamine the feel good chemical associated with addiction.  Yes, we really can become addicted to a lover!

So what can you do with this? The biggest take away is to recognize when there might be risks to your relationship and be able to make sure those feel-good, and bonding hormones are associated with you.

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