Valentine’s Day Survival Guide


Valentine’s Day Survival Guide
If you're single and recovering from Mr. Wrong, try these 3 activities to avoid self sabotage today.

Activity 3) Reset Your Radar
When your radar is off, you can’t read people correctly.  To find toxic-free love, your radar has to be sharp and it has to clue you in to the good guys.  After destructive love, your radar will be way off and self-trust will be low.  You will second guess your instincts and may perceive safe, “normal” guys as boring or uninteresting because non-destructive men lack the intensity you are used to.

As you rely on the automatic attraction you feel to the intensity, you lead with your heart and your emotions, rather than relying on a more calculated attraction, where you use your emotions and your thinking when you are drawn to someone.


Being able to spot destructive behaviors and knowing how to respond to them in a self protective way, resets your radar.  Get on track fast with a Start Over Success Kit.  Do it on the 14th.

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