How To Break The Cycle: Your On-Again, Off-Again Relationship


on-again, off-again relationship
Break out of the pattern in three easy steps.

It's hard to turn the mirror on ourselves though, so pick a time frame for the changes to happen, and stick to it. Consider this time frame top-secret and take action within it (three weeks, three months or whatever seems reasonable). If things are still the same after the time is up, don't discuss it anymore; just cut your losses and move on.   

2. Look at your level of empathy and compassion. If you are extra compassionate toward him, it can cause you to stay in a relationship that has run its course. You're keeping the cycle going. But when you shift from focusing on the relationship shortcomings and his needs, games and excuses to focusing on yourself and becoming personally accountable for changing the game, it puts you in the driver's seat. When you turn your empathy and compassion inward, you start creating them for yourself, rather than waiting for him to bring the things you need into your life.


3. Don't allow yourself to work harder on the relationship than he does. If you've found yourself stuck in an on-again, off-again love pattern, become temporarily self-centered instead of letting everything be about, or for, the two of you or trying to fix things all the time. Let things be what they are for a while and pay attention to what you see.

When you don't allow yourself to work harder on the relationship than he does, it provides clarity very quickly. It is also likely to trigger some new behavior, which is when he suddenly complies with your wishes or delivers on promises that had been made before, but not lived up to. This is part of the pattern in destructive relationships, so it's important to notice when he suddenly steps up the good behavior, especially if it only happens when you stop making efforts to improve things. You may not want to leave him, and he may have a lot of great qualities, but that doesn't change the fact that things will not improve if he is unable to make or sustain change.

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