Why Women Lose Money Power & How To Get It Back


Why Women Lose Money Power & How To Get It Back
Women have needed a feminine approach to money for years~and now we have it!

That’s the heavy pressure that caused me to not try, and so then, it caused me to “fail” automatically~making the belief that was never mine, even more believable, and partly true.  Carrying someone else’s vision and view as my own depleted my spirit, passion, and potential.

The issue of money runs deep in women’s lives, and when we look at what is driving our life patterns, money is often at the root, dictating our decisions, who we love, the friends and business partners we have, and what we accomplish~or don’t. We have been encouraged to follow rules and a traditional male perspective about money that never included anything about emotion, intuition, soul, or personality, and that traps and damages women’s potential and spirit.


If you want to shift someone else’s beliefs out of your mind, heart, and soul, you can capture powerful insight and freedom. I’m working on releasing the wrong beliefs that became my own, and it’s a process that takes time and courage.  The least we can do for ourselves, is become aware of the false things we’ve been taught to believe, and try to undo them so we can live authentically.  These beliefs given to us were, in essence, meant to reassure the thought-planter that we would be okay. Their fears from their life became our own, and no doubt, we are passing a little something of our own on to our kids as well, without even realizing it.  

I invite you to challenge the things you’ve been told, taught, or believed to be true if they aren’t working for you, or if they are stopping you from accomplishing more for yourself. Our beliefs are supposed to make us strong and unstoppable. If yours don’t, they didn’t come from you~and they need to be replaced.

If you are ready to get a little feel for what it might be like to break free from the burden of old beliefs, I am hosting a Mini Money telecourse just for women on March 19th. I’ll be talking all about a refreshing, simple, and girly approach to money that will start putting you back in your power quickly.  I hope you explore your options; you won’t regret the peace and opportunity it brings.  It's never a mistake to Invest in yourself.

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