Right & Wrong Things To Tell Kids About Chris Brown


Chris Brown
Yep, that's right, it appears she forgave him.
What did you tell your children about Rihanna being friendly with Chris Brown again?

When Chris Brown smashed Rihanna's face up and bit her, there should have been no question about what a child learned from their parent. If you didn't reveal your opinion about her return, your silence is sending a message of acceptance. You have to come down heavy on violence against women being wrong and back it up with supporting actions — like telling your kids no buying Brown's music. Sliding one penny in the direction of that loser is the same thing as saying it's okay to beat, bite, and threaten women.

Parents have to train their children's use of empathy and love. If you start spoon-feeding your kids the mushy and unrealistic, "everyone deserves forgiveness" conversation, you might as well punch Rihanna in the face yourself. Use this story to teach your kids that not everyone deserves forgiveness, and explain why, otherwise we're looking at another generation of woman beaters, more men with poor character, and more women with no boundaries. 3 Reasons We're Angry About Rihanna Secretly Seeing Chris Brown

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When violence against women happens, the subject of forgiveness always arises, and it is encouraged, but that's wrong and very dangerous. Many of the same people who are all about forgiving can't understand why Rihanna seems to have done just that, but you can't have it both ways — touting forgiveness and then criticizing her for giving it too, and that is exactly my point. Abusers shouldn't be forgiven. We set women up to feel like they have to be, or should be forgiving, and it disempowers them. Women who have been with abusive men are already too forgiving and empathetic; they need better advice and safer strategies.

Teach your children what Rihanna and many other abused women never learned: that forgiveness and love should be conditional. You cannot keep your kids safe and teach them to forgive the behavior (battery) and still love the person (an abuser). When domestic violence or violence against women is the issue, forgiveness of any kind can be fatal. Be clear. How To Nourish A New Relationship: Five Tips [VIDEO]

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Wrong Message: Unconditional Love
A bogus, overrated, unrealistic concept that is potentially harmful, especially if the child is soft hearted or a rule follower. It sets them up to stay through abuse and remain loyal. 

Right Message: Conditional Love
Only parents have unconditional love for their children, everyone else gets your heart, compassion, empathy, understanding, and forgiveness on a conditional basis. There are clear deal breakers, and one of those deal breakers is abuse. It's a condition to your love — if abuse happens, love doesn't, period. If it happens, you shut it down. If it happens, it happens once. If it happens, you owe nothing to anyone. No understanding, no sympathy, no love, no consideration, no shame, no explanation, no embarrassment, no forgiveness, and no contact75% Of Readers Think Rihanna Needs To Dump Ex, Chris Brown!

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