Kim Kardashian Deserves A Break


Kim Kardashian Deserves A Break
Acting from fantasy or responding to intensity is exciting, but not the same as romance or love!

If we let it go on the surface belief that Kim has no control over the outcome of love because she acts from romance, she’s toast. Kim has the dangerous combo package of being very alluring and highly vulnerable, and because she is also soft-hearted and trusting, and it is obvious, she will always automatically attract opportunistic men. Normal relationship advice, direction, or matchmaking is not going to help her because she won’t be led to see her approach to relationships from a more empowering perspective. My experience is that she would get the advice “normal” women get when looking for love, and it would come without a strategy of self protection specific to women who attract Mr. Wrong naturally, so it wouldn’t help her.

There are many characteristics that are typical of women who attract destructive, opportunistic men, or dead-end relationships, (usually repeatedly). These traits are typically exaggerated; they include: being highly sentimental, highly empathetic, leading with compassion, putting others feelings before their own, being the buffer for other people’s pain, having high tolerance, repeatedly giving chances for the same issues, being highly hopeful, mistaking intensity for passion or love, being highly competitive, not giving up easily, extremely loyal, and, of course, leading with fantasy. There are others, but in Kim Kardashian’s relationship with Humphries, some of the ones I mention here were clear.

Read about the distinction between romance and fantasy here...

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