10 Daily Living Resolutions For The New Year!


New Year's Resolution
Daily practical New Year's resolutions to follow that will change your life in 2012!

9. Maintain your sense of self and energy level no matter the circumstance or individuals that are around you. There are some people who are simply not happy...and others who may intentionally do malicious things. In the case of the person who is not happy; you may work with her, and whenever you see her she may bring your mood down as well. Why? That co-worker who intentionally set you up in front of your boss; where will retaliation get you in the end? Remain true to your character no matter what is going on outside of you. Outside factors are things that you cannot control.

Entrainment is a term that means that the individual with "lower" energy will automatically entrain to the person with the "higher" energy level. Or the person with the "lower" energy will retreat and run away because they are unable to handle the light that exudes from the individual who is operating on a higher energy plane. Do not consciously or subconsciously lower your standards to meet people where they are at. They may not be ready to raise their standards but you do not have to lower yours. Accept them for the place and space that they currently occupy and remain who you are. For those that are sad around you, wish them well and list the things that you are grateful for in your head when they are around. Kill them with kindness. Sometimes the ones that are the least kind to you are the ones that need your kindness the most. If you do these things you will entrain those around you to your energy level, or they will turn away from you. Either way, you are still the true you. 


10. Maintain a sense of gratitude. For each day that you wake up there is someone that did not. For each moment of health that you have there is someone that is struggling with disability or disease. Things may not always go as we wish, but count what you DO have. Perhaps you want to start a gratitude journal that you can write in each day and look at when you are feeling down. Another thing to try is to have a happiest moment of the day thought as you lay down to go to sleep at night. In addition, when negative thoughts enter your head you can consciously come up with one good thing for every bad. For example, "I'll never get a man" turns into"But what great friendships and relationships I have and have had", or "My landlord won't turn up the heat in the apartment building" to "I am grateful that I have an apartment, and that I bought that space heater on sale; I saw so many homeless people out in the cold today." It can always be worse, so count the blessings that you have each day. Change your perspective, change your life. 

Here's to a happy 2012, living each resolution one day at a time. Happy New Year's!!!

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