10 Daily Living Resolutions For The New Year!


New Year's Resolution
Daily practical New Year's resolutions to follow that will change your life in 2012!

6. Do not feel sorry for yourself. Things happen that are not always fair or fun. Expectations and hopes can get dashed. It is not fun, nor does it feel good. I get it. Truly I do. However, you would not be given the life that you have if you could not handle it. Life happens. Curveballs happen. Things happen that you didn't expect or plan to shift you and get you back on path to where you are supposed to be — to right you on the path towards your destiny. Hindsight is always 20/20. In the moment it can be tough to simply let go. Try giving yourself a pre-determined amount of wallowing and processing time (I would not recommend more than 1-2 days), and then consciously move forward. If you look back at all of the unexplained and potentially negative things that have happened  in your life I bet that you will see that those events or people took you to a better place in the end. You just may have taken the scenic route. Each day and lesson brings you closer to your destiny. It is not what you experience but how you experience it that determines growth. You are more equipped to handle life's difficulties than you think, so there is no need to feel sorry for yourself. I promise.

7. Be accountable for your actions. Personal responsibility and accountability is key for evolution in life. You must be able to recognize when you make a mistake (see daily living resolution #3 above) and say sorry to others, and yourself, if necessary. You must be able to learn from the things that you do well in addition to the things that you do not. What happens to you is no one's "fault". No one else got you into an unfavorable situation. There is always personable accountability, something that we could have done differently. That is okay! You are human. You'll do better next time. Just remember that if you feel yourself falling into the rut of denying personal responsibility and accountability then you are giving others control and power over your life. 


8. What is worry? No seriously, DO NOT WORRY. Worry comes from insecurity. It is born of an insecurity and disbelief that all will be well. An insecurity and disbelief that no matter what happens you will find a way through and be able to take care of it. Worry is based on the future and robs you of peace in the present. Worry is based on fictional scenarios and not facts. The next time that you feel yourself sliding down the worry spiral ask yourself: a) Is this worry thought based on fact or fiction? b) How do I know that this will happen? Who says that it is so? c) When I have experienced issues before have I ever not been able to take care of it or was I okay in the end? d) How many of my projected scenarios that I worry about ever happen? 

Do NOT WORRY. Now is all that there ever is. If your head is in the future, who is taking care of your now? The now that sets you up for the future?

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