10 Daily Living Resolutions For The New Year!


New Year's Resolution
Daily practical New Year's resolutions to follow that will change your life in 2012!

4. Live by the rule that you are ALWAYS ready. The reality of it is that you can never be 100 percent prepared and you will never feel 100 percent prepared. Preparation is great, but waiting for the mystical "right" amount of preparation can become a handicap because it can bar you from ever taking action. In addition, what you tell yourself — your "self talk" — will eventually come true. It is what I like to call a self-fulfilling travesty. When you fill your mind with "I am not ready" thoughts then you will act accordingly, which will generally mean NOT acting on anything at all. Most great opportunities in life force you outside of your comfort zones, so when you feel that little thrill inside know that you are as ready as you will always be. Trust your preparation, trust yourself and act!

5. Do not bring your relationship baggage with you. Check it at the door. In life coaching, an assumption has a slightly different meaning. It means that "just because something happened before means that it will happen again." Are you entering each new relationship with the assumption that what happened to you in a prior relationship will happen again? Who says that is true? How factual is that? There is a purpose for everyone that you meet. People are brought into your life for a reason, a season, or for ever. Each person crosses your path because there is something to be gained from that interaction for both parties. You may not gain what you want and it may not unfold in the way that you wanted, but the Universe has a grand design for everything. If you were hurt, I am sorry. Yet, even that was for a reason. The key is to not bring that hurt to the door of the next relationship that you embark on. That person and new situation did not cause you the hurt, and they should not have to bear the brunt of a hurt you (and vice versa). A hurt you isn't the TRUE you. So if the new relationship fails, who can you really blame? If you are open to learning, even from the hurt, you will find that you can no longer locate that baggage. And isn't it easier to fly with just your light carry-on? 5 Signs You're Carrying Emotional Baggage

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