10 Daily Living Resolutions For The New Year!


New Year's Resolution
Daily practical New Year's resolutions to follow that will change your life in 2012!

1. Spend time and nurture relationships with individuals that WANT you in their lives. Life is too short and your energy is too precious to expend it on people who do not value you and recognize your worth. Period. When you feel as if you are constantly trying to earn someone's affection it can start to become draining, and feel degrading. Subconsciously you may start to step outside of yourself to fit into the other person's mold. Who wants to do that? The time that you spend silently shouting out "Love me,"  "like me," I'm great!" can go to working on you and doing things that you love with people that you have a mutual love, like and respect for. If nothing else remember this, "You should never have to fight for a spot in someone's life, they should make room for you." If they value you, they will make room. If they do not, wish them well and send them off with light and energy and go on your way. There are plenty of people out there that love you and like you simply BECAUSE you are you!

2. Be honest with yourself in all ways and at all costs. The one person that you can never get away with lying to for a long period of time is you. There will always be those moments where you are caught unaware and the lies that you have been perpetuating in your head will leave you for the truth. When you are falling asleep at night or when you first wake up in the morning; when you run into your ex with his new girlfriend in the grocery store, the truth of the matter is this: As long as you are attempting to lie to yourself you are delaying the progress and improvement that comes with facing the truth. Once you honestly look in the mirror and take inventory you have the ability to see where you TRULY are and determine where it is that you want to go. From there comes the roadmap. The roadmap is how you decide to get from your point A (where you are now) to point Z (your ultimate goal). You can't create that roadmap to follow to your destiny if you are caught up trying to live a lie. Telling yourself lies to begin with only reveals to you that you are unhappy enough to want to sugarcoat and pretend. Hello, we live in the real world. It takes courage to be honest with yourself, but know that courage is always rewarded. 

3. Go ahead, make a mistake! Making a mistake means that you took a risk. Risks generally equate eventual success. How many successful people can you name that never failed? That never fell down? That never risked anything? If you dream big, you risk big. Doing something wrong five times before you get it right is more courageous and productive then being scared to try and doing nothing at all. Every success has a list of failures and mistakes behind it. That is how you learn your lessons and get prepared for the greatness that we are destined for. You do not want to end up regretting the things that you did not do because of fear. So mistake away! I will be right there with you. 

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