Parenting Advice on Hot Topics Goes "Old School"


Parenting Advice on Hot Topics Goes "Old School"
For the best answers to the hottest parenting topics of summer...Just listen to your Mother

  Many of us got our butts whacked, but even those of us who didn’t still respected our parents discipline, because “grounding” was not a “stay-cation”,  it was a work order!  When we got grounded for a week, it lasted a WEEK! And Mom had PLENTY of stuff to do around the house before dishwashers,  swiffers and “wrinkle free” settings, so it was not unheard of to be on “dish duty” for 3 hours… “or however long it takes for you to get it done!”   Once we were released, we couldn’t wait to get the hell out of the house…and that was all part of her master plan.  
So, how do I feel about kids and electronics, and play and chores?  I guess the answer is: “The same way I feel about kids and anything…we are bigger and wiser and we have the most leverage, so we make the rules.”
Just like Mom used to say, “You can stay in here and I’ll put you to work or you can go outside and play, but you will NOT sit around and do nothing.  Why? because I can’t, and you have too much youth and energy to waste it being a bump on a log.”    Mom was brilliant!

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