8 Sexpert-Approved Turn-Ons All Couples Should Try

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turn-ons all couples should try
Challenge #12: Get in the mood for love with one of these erotic ideas.

Have Forbidden Sex

There's nothing hotter than a quick rendezvous with the added excitement of possibly getting caught. If your partner has his own office, showing up sans undies with a picnic of oils and oysters. Doing it against the locked door can be thrilling — even if the office is at home. (Surprise may not be the best way to show up at the office building.) There is even greater eroticism in planning the "sexploit" together. Build anticipation by packing your partner's lunch for work to include some saucy bits you will both enjoy. Begin the day with you both going commando or swap underwear bottoms so you increase the slow anticipation.  Build on that by sexting each other. If you don’t have an office, get creative about a place that would be exciting, forbidden and safe enough to do the dirty without getting caught too easily, if at all. When was the last time you could wait to get into a room to get into each other? Jen Duchene


Show Some Skin

Couples don't spend much time naked together. We shower and dress, or pull off our clothes and get into pajamas. What about hanging around nude one afternoon? Or having Sunday breakfast sans clothing? Being naked allows you too feel more comfortable with your body — no matter your size — and give you confidence. It's a sexy way to establish an intimacy and trust with each other. If you have kids, put a lock on your bedroom door and spend time together without clothing. You can even visit a nude resort like the Terra Cotta Inn in Palm Springs. Of course, there will be exhibitionists and voyeurs, but most people are there just to be able to hang out and feel free in their skin. Dr. Stephanie Buehler

Learn Something New And Exciting Together

Cooking, Ballroom dancing, macramé ... it doesn't matter what the topic is, just that you're both learning together. There's an added bonus if you can share private promises during class of how you can use your new talents to spice it up in the bedroom. Macramé handcuffs? Oh yeah, that works! Tara Kennedy-Kline

Exchange Erotic Letters

Express your love and desire through words. Add romantic touches using wax seals or pressed petals. Describe in bold, intimate detail how you imagine the two of you will make love and the feelings that it will evoke. Create a secret world between the two of you. Take turns exchanging letters to suggest a tryst, which could vary from the bedroom to the bathroom or even under the stars. This is your story. Have fun indulging in the pent-up passion built between you. Jen Duchene

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