Selling Sex: Should It Be A Crime?


Selling Sex: Should It Be A Crime?
Who is the Real Victim? The Secret Service and Legalizing Prostitution

Giving women power over their choices and their bodies has always been a controversial topic in this male-dominated country. And yet allowing women control over their bodies could lead to a decrease in risk of disease to the population of men that use prostitutes, massage workers and strippers and also protects the partners they may go home to. In countries where prostitution is sanctioned, women are required to attend clinics to seek health care to prevent rates of sexually transmitted diseases.

Until prostitution can become fully regulated sex workers remain victims, trapped in a male dominated legal system that forces them to hide their profession, then punishes them for it, while at the same time seeking them out for personal gain. One has to wonder what gave that particular Colombian prostitute in that hotel room in Cartagena the courage to stand up for herself and demand her pay from a room full of Secret Service personnel. The story could have ended so differently. It usually does.

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