Is Safe Sex Boring Sex?


Is Safe Sex Boring Sex?
Stepping out of your comfort zone is the key to better sex.

To keep the sex "first time" exciting, you will need to add a little bit of adventure to your intimate life. Taking risks can lead to bigger turn ons. To create that rush of erotic energy you can try adding something new to your sexual repertoire. Push your edge. Find some unexplored sexual territory. That might mean you each act out a fantasy that you haven't ever shared before.

Taking risks can lead to greater places of trust and intimacy.  Playing it safe won't take you there – playing it safe just makes you feel safer. This weekend try something new. Tell your partner one thing you want to do to them, or have them do to you. Maybe have sex in an unfamiliar place, or in a new position. Try a sex toy or dress up in a costume, or try acting out a scene from your favorite erotic novel or movie. Even if your new fantasy is an epic fail and you both realize that the same old safe sex you've been having works best for both of you, at least you have the memory of trying something new, and this can only bring the two of you closer.

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