Fulfilling A Sexual Fantasy


Fulfilling A Sexual Fantasy
I want to experiment and fulfill a sexual fantasy or two!

One of my most popular workshops I offer is called “Explore Your Fantasies and Reignite Your Sex Life” which are available in small intimate groups or online!  Offering a course online can help to ease the pressure of judgement  without anyone sitting directly beside you! Each month I offer a group discussion in the workshop about a specific fantasy and as a group I teach you how to understand the dynamic s of what the sexual fantasy actually means.  Private consultations are also available for couples via skype or in person.  Please check my calendar page for the list of all my fun filled events!
Each month I speak about a different sexual fantasy on my radio show called “Let’s Figure it Out…Intimately” in my series called “Behind the Red Door”.  Here I also answer general questions, as well as addressing any fears or anxieties that are common.  I even share my own personal experiences so that you understand we all have insecurities that we are able to work through in our sexual relationships!
If you would like to learn how to enhance your sexual relationship, then I encourage you to stop waiting for your life to get better and do something right now to create more fun, passion and intimacy back into your life!

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