Fulfilling A Sexual Fantasy


Fulfilling A Sexual Fantasy
I want to experiment and fulfill a sexual fantasy or two!

Who would stray from a relationship if you knew that you were coming home to a partner who knew the perfect thing to say to get you in the mood.  To touch you once in that special place and to instantly arouse you? Or to know what evokes passion in you and sets the scene for a fun relaxing night together and or took the time out to make you feel special, cherished and honored sexually?  Isn’t that the perfect sexual fantasy to experience total bliss on all levels and to worship each other?
It takes patience on both ends.  Most women expect men to know everything about them on the first night! Yet women don’t speak about what they like or how they like it.  Many men don’t ask either! They assume that all women’s bodies are the same.  That is so far from the truth.  And for couples who have lost the spark in their sexual relationships, this idea of taking time out to get to know each other once again might actually shock you to find out that you may not even genuinely know your partner after all these years! You may have been having sex but in my opinion that doesn’t mean you know everything about you or your partner.  Take some time out to ask each other a few simple questions, such as:
• If you only had one more night to live and you could have the most extremely fulfilling sexual fantasy available for you, what would it be?
• Do you feel you deserve to have your sexual fantasy fulfilled?
• Are you willing to help fulfill your partner’s sexual fantasy?
If either of these simple questions triggered an uneasiness in you or if your first reaction was “Oh, I could never share my sexual fantasy with my partner!” then, I can certainly help you and or your partner to start communicating about your sexual fantasy.  The act of communication is crucial in all relationships, and building deeper trust can change your life.  A sexual fantasy is just a fantasy.  Whether or not you act the fantasy is a different issue, but taking the time out and getting to know the person who you live with is a beautiful gift!

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