Fulfilling A Sexual Fantasy


Fulfilling A Sexual Fantasy
I want to experiment and fulfill a sexual fantasy or two!

I recently had a conversation with a man who totally understood my vision of the perfect scenario between two sexual partners.  This is my personal sexual fantasy to find a man who first off understands the concept and second is willing to participate in a relationship with me and to create this level of deep intimacy!  I was just a little overwhelmed to be having this conversation with him because at first I wasn’t sure if he was willing to really have a more intimate conversation like this after just meeting him, but he was open so I dived right in and I had goose bumps! I was seeking to know his truth.  I was enthralled that he really did understand me and he was making a genuine effort t o pick my brain as well!
I asked him what his sexual fantasy was and he replied by saying to have a woman who was open to having different styles of sex and to be willing to use sex toys to enhance her orgasmic experience.  He wasn’t looking for group sex or swingers,  he just wanted to have a genuine satisfying experience with one woman.  So further  into the conversation he asked me what would be my sexual fantasy and I replied by saying that if I could find a man who was willing to blindfold me, tie me up and take complete control than I would be sooo happy! I want to be able to completely submit to a man yet also have my boundaries respected. 
I triggered something in him because he then commented that as a man he needs to find a woman who would be willing to honor his physical body and to basically worship what he can offer her.  He also wanted to be called “Master”! I was so impressed by this man because I felt I had finally met someone who understood the dance between two partners.  I feel that this level of deep respect for each partner  can create such a huge level of trust ! There is nothing sexier than a partner who is willing to talk about what they really want and want completely turns them on! Second to spend time with their partner to explore them mentally, emotionally and physically so that they know how to please each other on all levels.  Lastly be willing to act it out.  Take the time to play out this sexual fantasy of domination and submission and learn about each other! Life and sex are not perfect! I feel you have to try different things, touch your partner, play with them, ask them what feels good or not and keep at it! Our bodies change too and there is nothing sexier than a commitment to each other to keep learning together!

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