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When You're Running Out of Chances...

When You're Running Out of Chances...

Comes a day in our lives where we run out of second chances. Here's a little live now inspiration.

At the end of some days, when I haven't quite finished everything I wanted to or pushed out of my comfort zone as far as I would have liked, I remind myself there is always tomorrow.  But that's a lie.  Sometimes life blesses us with second chances and sometimes not. 

Can we really risk counting on tomorrow? 

Like many things, bucket lists are a two sided coin.  They are a great way to set goals and keep track of your dreams.  But if you're never taking the risk or investing the resources in getting them off that list and making them happen, what's the point.  A bucket list that inspires us to take action is one side of the coin.  A list that we simply keep adding to eventually becomes a list of potential regrets.

15 year old Alice is out of second chances.  Some things on her list, she will never see come to fruition but the ones she can make happen, she is doing something about.  Check out "A Bucket of Inspiration" and her inspiring story about a selfless teen who is using what time she has left to fulfill a mission to help others. 

Do it her story and then take out your bucket list and make a plan to mark something off it today.


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