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No Excuses...Seriously

No Excuses...Seriously

Kick in the Ass Inspiration to stop messing around with your life and get on with the meaningful.

If you have a vision for you and your life and you are not living it, you can't afford to keep making excuses.  Turn on the news, check out the internet or just talk to people you know.  There is evidence all around us that life is short.  We do not know how many days on this planet we get so get on with it, already.

Check out my There Are No Excuses blog post for some kick in the ass inspiration ~ an amazing cancer survivor who found the courage, energy and passion to create a very special birthday video for his life.  His is a tribal story that can remind us all that life is precious and when you are passionate about something then now is the time to do something about it. 

If you're wallowing in your beer or spending another night with your galpals moaning about the life you don't have, then take five minutes or less to check out why there just isn't time for more excuses.


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