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A Different Kind of Spring Cleaning

A Different Kind of Spring Cleaning

Don't just clean out your closets this month...clear out the thoughts that no longer serve you.

May is a great time to get rid of the clutter and lighten your load.  I remember the ritual spring cleaning in my home.  It came with the warmer weather when blossoms appeared.  My mother would throw open the windows and, armed with a bucket, mop and garbage bags, she would go through the house room by room. 

When she was done, our home would feel brighter and lighter.  I love a good spring cleaning and I do abide by the belief that where there is clutter there isn't room for the new.  It's great to start with the physical...what is in your closet, on your desk or in your files that you no longer need.  What is taking up space that you can let go of? 

This year, take your spring cleaning one step further beyond just the physical and ask what thoughts or beliefs are you willing to let go of that no longer serve you?  What is the one thought that consistently stops you from taking a risk?  How you can reframe that thought so it supports you instead of undermining you?  What message would you prefer to focus on?

You get to choose what you keep and what you let go of so get out the trash bags and start tossing the stuff that's just taking up space instead of fueling your dreams!


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